Dear Students!

You might have just stepped out of high schools, junior colleges and degree colleges and are generally aware of employment opportunities in the private sector with qualifications in traditional fields like engineering, medicine, and commerce, or emerging fields like IT and management. But you and your parents, teachers and career counselors might be much less aware that these qualifications as well as qualifications in natural and social sciences, humanities, languages and other areas also annually open up thousands of employment opportunities in central and state civil and security services, and in public sector enterprises and nationalized banks.

Even if you are aware of these opportunities, you may not have ready and convenient access to the eligibility criteria and entrance procedures and requirements for seeking employment opportunities in government and public sector organizations.

Generally, employment in the private sector is considered financially more attractive. But, are you aware that employment in government and public sectors is more accessible to all in a constitutionally mandated non-discriminatory framework? Such employment is also more stable as dismissal or other punitive action has to precede a quasi-legal, transparent due process of enquiry.

Organizations in the government and public sectors provide more regular and  protected benefits in terms of salary scales and increments, dearness, housing, city and other allowances,  health and retirement coverage,  variety of leaves, transparent promotional avenues etc. Finally, these organizations provide opportunities to serve in a wide variety of sectors and locations. If these factors interest you, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we provide you a compilation, which is not exhaustive, so that you get to know about variety of job opportunities that suit your interests and qualifications. (Please see publications.)

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